Commercial Work

Tacoma from Fullbright

Tacoma from Fullbright


Tacoma is the latest game from the Portland-based studio Fullbright. The game builds upon the narrative centered innovation of their debut, Gone Home, adding new layers of story delivery and interactivity. I had the honor of being a part of the making of the game, creating a song for the fictional boy band On3 V3in. 

The song is now available to stream and download on Bandcamp! Link is embeded right here! ->

ON3 V3IN memorabilia in Tacoma

ON3 V3IN memorabilia in Tacoma



Ultra Choice Newsroom

Ultra Choice Newsroom is my new YouTube series where I talk about technology, culture, media, and more. For this project I created a virtual set in 3DSMax. I then filmed myself on a greenscreen and recorded separate audio with a lav mic. I comped the footage in After Effects to place myself in the virtual set. After that I went into premiere and masked out the screen of the virtual TV which allowed me to place images and video on the screen next to me. After creating a soundtrack and finalizing the edit, which includes the intro I created with 3D models I made in Max and moving titles in After Effects, I rendered the final output, which you can see here: 

New episodes will be embedded in the Newsroom section of this site. 

Werewolf by Nuclear Grizzly

Video for Nuclear Grizzly's Werwolf.

Notes on the video from Dylan: Nuclear Grizzly is my solo music project. This video was created by myself with the help of Nicole Findley, Frankie Natho, and Maxwell Everett. Frankie and I star in a story of friendship and the supernatural. 

Try Hard (2017)

A short film by Shannon Neale, Nicole Findley, and Dylan Paris. Starring: Shannon Neale, Hayley Mandel, Cameron Lee Price, Dylan Paris, Kim Louise Rollon, and Nicole Findley. Based on a true story by Shannon Neale. Soundtrack by Dylan Paris.

I co-wrote, co-stared, directed, edited, and composed the soundtrack for this short film. The music is written to reflect the punk-garage style aesthetics of the short. Had a lot of fun on this one. 

Nuclear Grizzly



Nuclear Grizzly is my solo music project. I have been making music under this name off and on since 2009. To date I have released a fair number of EPs, Singles, and an album of instrumental electronic music called English Clouds. My most recent singles are "Werewolf" and "Last Man On Earth" from the short film "Nose Candy". 


Paris Stephens

paris stephens twenty thirteen.jpg


Between 2013 and 2016 I released music under the name Paris Stephens. During that time I released four albums: "Pilgrim", "Twenty Thirteen", "STAY HONEST", and "Machine Boy". I learned a lot and grew a lot as an artist during this time, but decided to go back to using Nuclear Grizzly after a name change and a shift in direction.